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Bernanke QE Infinity Bubble & US Budget Issues

The printing presses of the US Federal Reserve are continuing at full speed with yesterdays FOMC meeting announcement from Ben Bernanake and the central bankers. It seems regardless of any economic conditions the central bank is willing to create an economy that doesn't exist in reality, and only inflate it forever.


The Number Of Private Sector Jobs Fell By 278,000 Last Month But The Economy Is Getting Better?

TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com Michael Snyder Have you heard about the "wonderful" employment numbers that were just released?  Last month, the unemployment rate declined to 7.3 percent.  Somehow this happened even though the percentage of working age Americans with a job actuallydeclined and the number of private sector workers fell by 278,000.  So how did the federal government magically produce a drop in the unemployment rate even though less people have jobs?  Well, they did it by pretending that more than half a million Americans "dropped out of the labor force" last month.  If the government is to be believed, the number of Americans that want to work dropped by an astounding 516,000 in a single month even though the population of our country is constantly increasing.  The federal government continues to feed us absolutely absurd numbers month after month, and at this point "the official unemployment rate" is essentially meaningless.


Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year?

Finance 0313 BigBanksBloomberg.com. On television, in interviews and in meetings with investors, executives of the biggest U.S. banks -- notably JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon -- make the case that size is a competitive advantage. It helps them lower costs and vie for customers on an international scale. Limiting it, they warn, would impair profitability and weaken the country’s position in global finance.

So what if we told you that, by our calculations, the largest U.S. banks aren’t really profitable at all? What if the billions of dollars they allegedly earn for their shareholders were almost entirely a gift from U.S. taxpayers?


How my Aunt Lost all her Money in 1929

The subject article gives, still, another warning on the coming economic collapse. In a court decision, Americans have been given notice that their money on deposit in financial institutions can be taken by those institutions. So history is about to repeat itself. Many years ago, my aunt told me a story about October 29, 1929. Early in the morning she received a phone call from a friend. She was told to "get down to the bank. There is a line all around the block and they're not letting people in to get their money". My aunt hurried down to the bank, but by the time she got there, she and the others were told, the bank would not be opening that day.


New Era of Credit Processing

This industry isn't new but has a new technology coming to all of us in the entire world. Those little pieces of plastic we use to purchase everything and I do mean everything will be in everyone's pocket. And in many cases it is already but the stores and the other industries are now just beginning to play catch-up.

The technology is NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. This is already in the Google Nexus S, the new Samsung and when the iPhone 5 comes out Apple will be in it too. Already Google also announced that 14 of its 17 upcoming phones will have NFC chips inside them. Also the chips will be placed in the tablets, PC makers are placing them in their ultra light laptop models too. So how can we benefit financially from this technology.

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