Who are Bilderberg?

Politics 0612 BilderbergWell Bilderberg is a yearly meeting of the top 100-150 investment, military, media, education, government and royalty from across the global to discuss the current situations going on around the world. Every four years the meeting takes place in the United States, this coincides with both the US and Mexican Presidential elections. This year mainstream media has been forced to cover the group's activities, while in the past mentioning the mere word "Bilderberg" got you labeled as a "conspiracy nut job." Why all this secrecy over a group of people who get together to "discuss" current events? A LOT!!!!!

Politics 0812 Bilderberg businesses The people who are represented there are CEO's and Presidents of many of the Fortune 100 companies, specifically the oil companies. The price of oil is on the rise and from what top insiders are saying it is going to keep going up to the neighborhood of five or even six dollars a gallon. This makes these companies billions more in profits. On the other side of that if the price of oil and gas goes up not only will it cost you more money to fill up your car but everything from your milk and eggs to your airplane tickets will go up as well. Everything that requires travel will go up, but your paycheck will remain the same. This will force many families to stretch their ever shrinking budgets even further.

Since these are the heads of Fortune 100 companies and leaders of many countries and militaries it would stand that using these entities together to make money would vastly benefit all who were in attendance of this "conference" Creating the conflicts in the Middle East with Syria and Iran are just a covers to raise their profits from the sale of gas to countries all over the world. Their actions in the middle east have helped destroy once strong countries and turn them into third world nations. Either by friendly loans, with outrageous APR's attached or by force using the military arm of Bilderberg which is the UN to destabilize a country by funding rebels to mount a revolution or a host of other dirty tricks they have up their sleeves. Whenever that country has been completely destroyed or taken over by members of the Bilderberg Group, they're then able to come in as heros to buy up all the property and industry for pennies on the dollar making hundreds of billions on each country destroyed. This is just one area of your everyday life in which this group influences negatively.

These people are tyrants looking to control the entire world up to and including what type of light blubs you can use in your own home to the number of children you are allowed to have. We need to stop these people. Please support OCCUPY BILDERBERG movements and if you can go meet up with thousands of other people protesting them in Virginia at the end of this month and beginning of the June.

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