What is the New World Order?

slide nwoNo we are not talking about Hulk Hogan and Sting from the late 90’s in WCW wrestling. As you can see from the video this term was not the invention of some crazy conspiracy theorists, but a term used by our own governmental officials.

First, understanding that the United States political system is a completely fraudulent system used to promote the status quo is a start. The implementation of the Left/Right paradigm(aka Democrat vs Republican) has been able to prevent the citizens from being able to discuss or even know many of the real issues facing this great nation. With these two techniques of manipulation the New World Order have been able to take over everything from our Medical, Banking, and Education systems, to local, state, and federal governments as well as our food production companies.

Barack Obama from day he joined the political arena has had his “strings pulled” by the globalist corporate bankers, which are the same group who funded the Bush Administration. Many people were disgusted at Bush and the Neocon’s because of their poor economic policies and war mongering attitude. So, the establishment, or New World Order, put a candidate forth that seemed to be the antithesis of Bush. This helped to promote Obama to what some called "The Savior." Many people don't realize that  both sides are bought and paid for by the same people, corporations and special interests. This practice of funding both sides of the spectrum has been going on for a very long time.Barack Obama, George W. Bush and every president since and the John F. Kennedy administration have had their strings pulled by the shadowy organization called the New World Order (aka Bilderberg Group aka the Illuminati). The majority of this group is made up of CEO’s of the corporate centralized banks across the world, with the Rothcshild’s, Morgan’s, and Rockefeller’s heading up the group.

The New World Order through a handful of its elite members, own nearly 90% of the media outlets in America and have been spreading disinformation about these plans for decades. Whether you find yourself a Conservative or Liberal it doesn't make a difference, where ever you get your news from they are all paid off by same people looking to promote this agenda. Early United Nations documents stated they wanted to poison our food, water and medicine to slow kill the population.

The New World Order’s plans for an ideal planet is outlined in the Georgia Guidestones of Humanity. They want to get the World Population down to 500 million. Currently the world's population is over 7 billion. Their goal is to create a One World Government. To establish this government they have began creating a Worldly Religion (environmentalism), a World Bank (IMF), a World Army (the UN) and a World Court.

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