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This is legislation that was passed by both houses of the Congress and signed into law by President Obama on New Years Eve 2011 while vacationing in Hawaii and the America people were celebrating the new year. This legislation allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens, whether foreign or domestic, if they are suspected of having affiliation with a terrorist organization or fit a terrorist profile. No due process, no judge, no jury, just one man's opinion on the subject. The right to due process is given to you, an American citizen, by our U.S. Constitution, which is the founding document of our great United States of America.


The reason why America has been so prosperous in the past two hundred plus years is due to the freedoms that the citizens were given by the Constitution.Our government has been slowly eroding the constitution by passing one unconstitutional law after another. But the NDAA has taken our Police State to the next level. The U.S. government has used the mainstream media to promote fear mongering propaganda (i.e. fake terror bombings set up by the FBI and that stupid terror level color chart) has been allowed to take away our freedoms. We have become so desensitized to these terror threat warnings that we allow the government to do what ever they want in the name of "Keeping us Safe." This law was allowed to slide by the legislation because each time it was up for debate on the Congress floor a mainstream media blackout on the topic was used.

In addition to this not being the number one headline for every major media outlet our president denied that Section 1022 existenced (Section 1022 extends these laws to America citizens). After it was proven that the law did extend to American citizens he said that he would not sign it into law even if both houses passed the bill. As we now know he lied again and signed it. That is how the American people were blind sided by the worst law to ever be passed through the Congress. Many people ask "why should we be scared of these new powers given to our president" and "Its only gonna be used on terrorists, right?" The reason is because powers such as theses are never used for the purpose stated and are mainly used to increase political influence and control. Who decides what a terrorist group is?

Many people who are Ron Paul supporters and part of Pro Life groups are labeled as suspected terrorists. Expressing your political beliefs in a nonviolent rallies, protests or meetings in no way should be considered terrorist activity. American citizens have the first amendment, the freedom of speech, to say whatever they would like, so long it does not call for violence against anyone. While I in no way support terrorist organization or terrorist activity, I have seen many mistakes and blunders made by the organizations, such as the FBI and CIA, that investigate terrorist activity. When a United States citizen is detained using this law their case does not need to be reviewed for 3 years and their family and friends are not notified of your where abouts. You just simply disappear.

While I am not simplistic enough to believe that their are no U.S. citizens who have radical beliefs and are terror threats, I believe that we are all innocent until proven guilty. As one of our great founding father's, Benjamin Franklin, was once quoted as saying "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." We must be careful which rights we give up because sooner rather than later we will have no rights left. Please call your Congressmen and Women to get this bill repealed as soon as possible (202) 224-3121. This law essentially places the United States in a constant state of Marshall Law. Many states such as Utah and Hawaii have introduced or passed legislation that bans the use of this law in that state.


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