New Era of Credit Processing

This industry isn't new but has a new technology coming to all of us in the entire world. Those little pieces of plastic we use to purchase everything and I do mean everything will be in everyone's pocket. And in many cases it is already but the stores and the other industries are now just beginning to play catch-up.

The technology is NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. This is already in the Google Nexus S, the new Samsung and when the iPhone 5 comes out Apple will be in it too. Already Google also announced that 14 of its 17 upcoming phones will have NFC chips inside them. Also the chips will be placed in the tablets, PC makers are placing them in their ultra light laptop models too. So how can we benefit financially from this technology.

There are a number of ways you can invest in this credit card industry changer. Even Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover have realized that they better jump on board this to not be left in the dust from other smaller credit firms. Those companies have linked up with Samsung, Nokia, Google, Apple, and many more industry majors.


Credit Card Industry Quick History:

Launched in New York City, the Diners Club card spread to several other metropolitan areas in 1951 as it signed up more than 20,000 members. Bloomingdale started his own charge card operation in Los Angeles, but this was soon merged with Diners Club. Membership swelled to 200,000 in the mid-1950s.


Investment Ideas:

Now this is a long term investment and again there are many ways you can invest in this. I know this feels like a pitch from a salesman but looking at some interviews, articles, and some fundamentals from the companies I too am thinking about investing in this all makes sense. It also makes sense with my whole idea of the new world order and the single currency that will eventually be brought about if the world cant conquer its 700 trillion dollar debt that we owe each other somehow. With a new single currency that cannot be distributed except by electronic network, will need a medium to process transactions. The cash market will be gone forever, cash will just be numbers on your phone and in your bank account. This is exactly what the NWO wants to be able to do control the monetary supply even more, and this NFC chip will allow that to happen now more than ever.

This is how I am thinking about investing in this technology:

1.) The less risky play is buying shares of Google, Apple, Samsung, and even Microsoft, the major players of the smart phone world. They will benefit from this NFC technology with the patents and the deals they make with the creators of this technology. The revenue on this may just show up as a blip on their balance sheets but will grow over time and exponentially I think.

2.) The NFC manufacturers (Looking specifically at this one company currently called NXP Semiconductors STOCK: NXPI), these are the guys with the IP rights and the manufacturing rights. These are also the guys that license their technology so that whenever a smart phone is sold they get a cut. Imagine if a single NFC chip goes into lets say 80% of Google phones, 60% of Microsoft phones, 50% of Samsung phones and lets keep Apple out of it too. This is still an asinine amount of chips and royalties to flow into this market.

3.) Then there is always the credit companies like Visa and Mastercard, AMEX, Discover etc. No there time is not done, I think it will only grow now with the new deals these companies are making. In 2010 approx 38.5 billion dollars worth of transactions went through smart phones. This is not just online purchases but also with currently available NFC enabled phones (Think Nexus and Samsung). Credit companies take a cut on each of those NFC transactions.


What Will the Future Possibly Bring?:

Now not only that NFC will get rid of not only cash, but also business cards, paper receipts from the company you are making the transaction with ATM's and probably more that I haven't thought of yet. The NFC allows data to transmit quickly so you can have a business card on your phone and transfer it to a client with a nearby swing of your phone to your clients phone. Receipts will be given the second you wave your phone at the payment terminal.

This would also be another hedge against the total meltdown of the world order. If we make it out of the economic crisis relatively unscathed this is a good investment as the technology is going to be used anyways but it may take longer to implement around the world with freely floating cash. If the meltdown of the Euro, USD, and many other major currencies occur then the new currency will use this technology extensively to keep tabs on wealth flow.



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