How my Aunt Lost all her Money in 1929

The subject article gives, still, another warning on the coming economic collapse. In a court decision, Americans have been given notice that their money on deposit in financial institutions can be taken by those institutions. So history is about to repeat itself. Many years ago, my aunt told me a story about October 29, 1929. Early in the morning she received a phone call from a friend. She was told to "get down to the bank. There is a line all around the block and they're not letting people in to get their money". My aunt hurried down to the bank, but by the time she got there, she and the others were told, the bank would not be opening that day.

After several days she became aware of the fact the bank was broke and all my aunt and uncle's savings were gone. They had about $4,000 in the bank and that was big money back then. They went on to lose everything and had to leave Marquette, Michigan to work in a government lumber camp in Northern Minnesota. She was a cook and my uncle worked as a lumberjack in the woods. It wasn't until after World War 2, that they recovered. She opened a successful small business, but I remember her telling me. "I will never trust another bank EVER". She has since passed on, but I'm sure she could identify with signs today. Most Americans are not students of history, so they are doomed to make the same mistakes. Right on schedule, the banks have announced they will take your money. Our government masters have also announced they have camps, just for you. Deja Vu, all over again.

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