Boyan Slat - Marine Litter Extraction Project

TECH 1310 boyanslatmarineprojectWe all know that the technological marvels we created in this world have inspired awe and still do today.  One of those inventions is plastic, which is a marvel. Created to keep items clean, keep perishables fresh, and much more. We've also created a problem by storing water in plastic bottles, created wrappers and wrappers for items that really don't need them, and which are eventually thrown away into our ecosystem getting into our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Young Boyan Slat and his team are working to create a solution to cleaning up our oceans of plastic waste called the Marine Litter Extraction Project.

The project is essentially a way to remove micro and large plastic objects from our ocean gyres, all the while trying to minimize the effect on life. Boyan Slat speaks about his project on TEDx going into detail about how he came into this project. Explaining how he figured out how to keep plankton and microorganisms safe and separated from the microscopic plastic objects floating in our oceans.

Along with some questions about extracting plastic without doing harm to wildlife, he also notes that his system can be profitable. Of course profitability has to come with proper funding and investment which he is now seeking.

Check out the video below from his presentation at TEDx. The direct link to the project is also below.

Boyan Slat - Marine Project Extraction

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