What would Pangea look like with Current Geopolitical Borders?

Education 0214 WorldMapFromquarkstoquasars.com.Most people are pretty set in their ways. We all have our patterns, and they work quite well for us. So when something comes along that disrupts our patterns, our lives are thrown into disarray.

We’ve all had some variation of this scenario happen to us (if you haven’t, oh how I envy you): You’ve had the same neighbors for 15 years. Every morning, you go out and get your paper at 7:45. You neighbor goes out to get his paper at 8. That way, you don’t have to see one another in your bathrobes, and you can avoid the awkward small chat that you would be forced to make if you met in a pre-coffee daze. Unfortunately, your neighbor is moving. And you try and convince yourself that it’ll be okay, that having a new neighbor can’t be that bad. But it’s not okay, and it is that bad.

Before you know it, you’re standing at the end of your driveway at 7:45 fumbling about for things to say about the weather, or the grass, or some sports team (but you don’t watch sports, so you make some lame comment about this one halftime show that you saw 6 years ago that had pretty neat fireworks). And your peeking out the curtains like a caffeine deprived spy, dashing out of the house to retrieve your paper, and desperately trying to sprint back inside before you’re seen in your bathrobe. And all the while you’re wondering how your life got to be like this, everything seemed to be going so well…

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