Pew poll: 53% of Americans disapprove of ObamaCare Jason Pye.Health 0913 ObamaCare Yet another poll has been released showing opposition to ObamaCare at an all-time high, just two weeks before the law’s state health insurance exchanges are set to open.

Just last week, CNN released a poll showing that support for ObamaCare had fallen to a record low, with only 39% of Americans holding a favorable view of the law. The decline of support comes despite ramped up efforts by the Obama Administration to promote its various provisions.

But a new USA Today/Pew Research poll finds that 53% of Americans disapprove of ObamaCare, the highest number since they began tracking public sentiment of the law, while 42% approve of it. The poll also reflects a substantial intensity gap, showing that 41% strongly disapprove of ObamaCare, while only 26% strongly approve.

Public opposition to ObamaCare has remained high for some time, with most polls showing that Americans favor repeal. But the USA Today/Pew Research poll shows another interesting dynamic, with Americans trusting Republicans over Democrats on the healthcare issue, at 40/39, though the numbers are within the margin of error.

But as some Republicans in Congress are coalescing behind an approach to defund ObamaCare, the poll shows that the 53% of Americans who disapprove of the law are split on how best to deal with it. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say that Congress should make the law work as well as possible, while 23% want elected officials in Washington to “make it fail.”

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