Victory for gene patent firm in Australian court

Michael Slezak

Your genes are the same, whether in a test tube or inside your body. But the very act of removing them makes them a patentable invention, according to Australia's Federal Court. Today, it handed down the country's first decision on gene patenting.

By isolating a human gene from the body, even assuming it has "precisely the same chemical composition and structure as that found in the cells of some human beings", Justice John Nicholas said an "artificial state of affairs" had been created, making the gene patentable material.


Everything on TV is Propaganda

Media IllusionEverything on TV is a lie, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. The same goes for movies, news reports, sportscasts and songs on the radio. Even when the media tells the truth about something, that truth will be presented in such a way as to convey some other false or deceptive meaning.

Try this experiment: ask a bunch of people what they think the purpose of a TV show is. The first thing you’ll find is that most people never considered a TV show would have a purpose beyond entertaining the audience.


Daily Psy Ops Against the Public

Technology 0812 MindControl2Every single day we are bombarded with subconscious information in which we are unaware of but impact how we interact with our environment. The global elite use this subconscious mind control to help advance their global domination. There are four psychological techniques which are used to control our thoughts, actions and behaviors. The normalcy bias, Stockholm syndrome, learned helplessness, and cognitive dissonance are just a few of the tricks used in combination with propaganda to keep us from seeing the truth.

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