Pharm Company scandals

Today, The New York Times is reporting:

“A 31-year-old emergency room physician, she listens patiently as the man tells her that “every morning I wake up in pain,” describing the agony he continues to endure, three years after being injured in a car wreck. He has tried physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment, he says. Nothing works except pills, he insists, as his voice grows louder and more demanding.

This exchange is similar to conversations that take place on almost every shift at Northwestern Memorial Hospital here, Dr. McCarthy said. But it is fiction — part of an interactive video game designed to train doctors to identify deceptive behavior by people likely to abuse prescription painkillers. The patient is an actor whose statements and responses are generated by the program.


Ignorance Is Bliss

Health 0712 BPAIgnorance

Bliss Off, Already!

We all know this expression, and throw it around jokingly. It makes sense on the surface, and sure – who doesn’t want to experience bliss?  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty fond of that floaty, easy, sublime sensation! But in our “please me now, I’ll pay you later” culture, we may just have to start renegotiating how we achieve our bliss so that we don’t rack up major health and financial debt down the line. I mean, how blissed out can a person in the cancer ward actually feel?


How to Reduce your BPA Exposure

Health 0812 BPAfree Plastics are classified by their "resin identification code"—a number from #1 to #7 that represents a different type of resin. That number is usually imprinted on the bottom of your container; flip it upside down, and you'll see a recycling triangle with the number in the middle.

Here's a quick breakdown of plastic resin types:


The 10 Super Companies

I used to look around my local supermarket and think, "WOW, look at the choices here!!!! How can I know which product is the best tasting, which has the best price and, most importantly, which might be the best for me?" Once I learned that most products on the counters in almost all stores are produced by 10 “Super Companies” that control the majority of our diet, my thought process changed.

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