The Controversial Flu Shot

Health 0912 VaccineBabyIt's that time of year again. You'll find flu shot advertisements outside your local pharmacy, they're being offered at schools and senior centers, and if you're a health care worker, you'll likely have a week where everybody in the facility gets a mandatory poke or snort. There are a lot of claims about the flu vaccine, both positive and negative, but to date no long-term independent safety studies have been done. The majority of research available has been sponsored by the respective manufacturers. As the flu vaccine goes from "recommended" to "mandated" all over the country, pharmaceutical companies


Rethinking the $1 Hamburger

Health 1012 DollarBurgersToday I’d like to talk about treatment of our food animals and how it relates to our own well-being. While I do promote a plant-based diet, I do not think the human body was designed to be vegetarian or vegan. I cannot think of one single culture throughout history that did not eat meat (when I say meat, I’m including eggs). What I want to focus on is the CAFO, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, and contrast them with smaller producers.

Most of the beef cattle in America are raised something like this: cows are born at a Cow-calf operation, female cows are separated for breeding and male cows are castrated (now called a steer). The steer are sold to a feedlot at less than one year of age, where they are fattened for a year and then slaughtered. The problem is, a feedlot is not a very pretty place.


Happy Pills for Everyone

Health 1012 HappyPills DDeeAccording to the National Institute for Mental Health, nearly 15% of American adults will suffer from depression in any given year. Women receive the diagnosis more often than men. In 2004, the World Health Organization listed depression as the number one cause of disability for ages 15-44 in the United States. And a report by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics tells us that in 2010, more than 253.6 million prescriptions were filled for antidepressant drugs. That is more than the amount of diabetes drugs and narcotic painkillers combined.


rBGH - Genetically Engineered Dairy

Health 1012 rBGH

In 1994, Monsanto introduced rBGH - recombinant bovine growth hormone. It's a genetically engineered drug that makes cows to produce up to 25% more milk. Up to 1/3 of all dairy cows in the United States are injected with rBGH. However, it's banned in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the 27 countries of the European Union.


Cows to Make Human Breast Milk?

Health 1012 BreastMilk

Why in the world do we need cows to make human breast milk? Don't humans do that already? In a strange attempt to make lower- to zero-lactose milk, scientists have injected human genes into cows, claiming the resulting milk is more easily digestible. Although lactose-free milk, cheese, and ice cream already exist on our store shelves, the Chinese hope to have the product on the market within 10 years.


Aspartame: Diet Death in a Can

Health 1012 AspartameWith the number of diabetics on the rise in the United States, and major media showing us that you have to be thin to be sexy and successful, millions of diet sodas get guzzled every day. Aspartame is the most common artificial sweetener used in these drinks. It's the main ingredient in NutraSweet and Equal, and is the most controversial food additive ever approved.

So, what exactly is in this stuff? Aspartame is 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid, and 10% methanol. Phenylalanine in aspartame affects serotonin, which can trigger all kinds of psychiatric and behavioral problems. Methanol is known industrially as wood alcohol. Exposure can cause headaches, lethargy, confusion, visual disturbances, and vomiting.


Let’s Talk Turmeric

Health 0912 Turmeric

Turmeric– the bright yellow, pungent spice used in curry is making headlines as an anti-inflammatory and possibly anti-viral. Coast to Coast AM listeners hear George Noory recommend it all the time. Celebrity Doctors Oz and Andrew Weil have promoted it. What does the research say?

In 2009, curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, was found to be just as effective as ibuprofen at relieving osteoarthritic knee pain. (1) The dose given was 500mg in capsule form, four times per day.


Monsanto says you have no Right to See whats in your Food

Health 0912 MonsantoScareCrowOur friendly corporatists at Monsanto are at it again. It is they who are primarily responsible for the ultimate pollution of our food supply in their injection of the GMO process into seeds. This accomplishes two purposes for them. The first is allowing them patent their seeds with the eventual goal of controlling the world's food supply. The second is to kill people all around the world with their poison. Most who have studied the effects of GMO on animals do not want any part of it in their food. It has been dumped into our grocery stores, used in our restaurants and placed into the school lunch programs throughout the nation, but it gets better.


Fluoride Lowers Children's IQ

Health 0213 FluorideFluoride that is added to water supplies have been in the news often the last couple of months over it's destructive properties. To properly understand what fluoride is, we must learn how it is ascertained and put into our water supply. The fluoride that is pumped into our water supply is a byproduct of the Phosphorus Mining process. This phosphorus is needed in the agricultural business and soda pop industry. To acquire pure phosphorus from the unearthed ore they must use chemicals that remove all other substances from the raw phosphate ore, most of which is naturally occurring fluoride. This run off of chemicals and fluoride is then harvested and placed in bio-hazardous containers to be shipped to your local water distribution plants where it is slowly dripped into your water supply. 

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