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Millions already losing Health Insurance due to Obamacare

In the years since the Affordable Care Act was passed, aka Obamacare, experts have argued over what the sweeping changes will mean to the average American. Now, only a few months away from the main launch, corporations like Wal-Mart are moving quickly to revamp their employee benefits programs to limit their exposure. In the process, they’re proving what many critics of Obamacare have long claimed – Americans will receive less healthcare for their dollar.

India says NO to GMO, stops Monsanto cold

The battle in India between millennia-old beliefs about nature versus the WTO, IMF and the rest of the global government has been raging for decades. And this week, farmers and ordinary citizens won a major victory. While Monsanto insists they can own and patent life forms like plants and animals, the Indian Patent Office just broke with the globalists and forcefully said no.

This week’s ruling by India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board against Monsanto’s claim to be able to patent plants may be new, but the argument is old. Since the first days of European expansion into North America, westerners bumped into a culture that didn’t understand the European concept of owning nature. “A man can’t own the Earth, the wind, the water or Mother Nature,” Native Americans argued. But their argument lost with great bloodshed and death. Today, modern farmers in India are fighting the same battle all over again.

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