Bruce Zerbel

Bruce Zerbel

How my Aunt Lost all her Money in 1929

The subject article gives, still, another warning on the coming economic collapse. In a court decision, Americans have been given notice that their money on deposit in financial institutions can be taken by those institutions. So history is about to repeat itself. Many years ago, my aunt told me a story about October 29, 1929. Early in the morning she received a phone call from a friend. She was told to "get down to the bank. There is a line all around the block and they're not letting people in to get their money". My aunt hurried down to the bank, but by the time she got there, she and the others were told, the bank would not be opening that day.

Monsanto says you have no Right to See whats in your Food

Health 0912 MonsantoScareCrowOur friendly corporatists at Monsanto are at it again. It is they who are primarily responsible for the ultimate pollution of our food supply in their injection of the GMO process into seeds. This accomplishes two purposes for them. The first is allowing them patent their seeds with the eventual goal of controlling the world's food supply. The second is to kill people all around the world with their poison. Most who have studied the effects of GMO on animals do not want any part of it in their food. It has been dumped into our grocery stores, used in our restaurants and placed into the school lunch programs throughout the nation, but it gets better.

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