A Drone Flew Over A Pig Farm To Discover It’s Not Really A Farm. It’s Something Much More Disturbing.

Bacon's a thing these days. Yummy and bad for you — mmmm. But here's what a drone saw when it payed a visit to some pig "farms" run by the world's biggest pork producer.

Drones get all kinds of places that can be hard to check out. The owner of this drone, filmmaker Mark Devries, had an idea of what he'd discover here, but still ... whew.

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New Era of Credit Processing

This industry isn't new but has a new technology coming to all of us in the entire world. Those little pieces of plastic we use to purchase everything and I do mean everything will be in everyone's pocket. And in many cases it is already but the stores and the other industries are now just beginning to play catch-up.

The technology is NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. This is already in the Google Nexus S, the new Samsung and when the iPhone 5 comes out Apple will be in it too. Already Google also announced that 14 of its 17 upcoming phones will have NFC chips inside them. Also the chips will be placed in the tablets, PC makers are placing them in their ultra light laptop models too. So how can we benefit financially from this technology.

Victory for gene patent firm in Australian court

Michael Slezak

Your genes are the same, whether in a test tube or inside your body. But the very act of removing them makes them a patentable invention, according to Australia's Federal Court. Today, it handed down the country's first decision on gene patenting.

By isolating a human gene from the body, even assuming it has "precisely the same chemical composition and structure as that found in the cells of some human beings", Justice John Nicholas said an "artificial state of affairs" had been created, making the gene patentable material.

Secure Password Tips

We all use passwords to protect and secure everything in our digital lives. We must stay vigilant in keeping up to date with strong passwords that can deter infiltration and hacking from many outside sources. We have here some tips for our community to look at to have a more secure password that is harder to hack through.

Boyan Slat - Marine Litter Extraction Project

TECH 1310 boyanslatmarineprojectWe all know that the technological marvels we created in this world have inspired awe and still do today.  One of those inventions is plastic, which is a marvel. Created to keep items clean, keep perishables fresh, and much more. We've also created a problem by storing water in plastic bottles, created wrappers and wrappers for items that really don't need them, and which are eventually thrown away into our ecosystem getting into our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Young Boyan Slat and his team are working to create a solution to cleaning up our oceans of plastic waste called the Marine Litter Extraction Project.

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