Everything on TV is Propaganda

Media IllusionEverything on TV is a lie, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. The same goes for movies, news reports, sportscasts and songs on the radio. Even when the media tells the truth about something, that truth will be presented in such a way as to convey some other false or deceptive meaning.

Try this experiment: ask a bunch of people what they think the purpose of a TV show is. The first thing you’ll find is that most people never considered a TV show would have a purpose beyond entertaining the audience.

Most people understand that the key purpose of a TV show is to give you something fun to look at until the next commercial comes on. That’s part of it, but very few seem to understand the depth of this salesmanship and how it borders on brainwashing. The ultimate goal of the entertainment and news media is to create in you, the viewer, a belief system in order to exert influence and control over every aspect of your life. And if that doesn't infuriate you then you don’t really understand what you just read.

Suppose I wanted you to buy a smart phone. I could make a commercial extolling the features and benefits of the smart phone, but as long as you have a choice in the matter you can choose not to buy my product. So what I really want is to force you to make the choices I want you to make. What I really want to do is create in your mind the belief that you want a smart phone, in fact, you can’t live without it. So I will create a TV show in which the actors use smart phones to do really cool things. For example, the smart, funny and attractive crime scene cop scans the dead guy’s fingerprints into her phone and up pops the dead guy’s driver license photo and current address. It doesn’t matter that smart phones can’t actually do that; you the viewer see how absolutely cool the smart phone is and begin to covet one. Soon Good Morning America does a feature on how super great smart phones are and you, the viewer, are brainwashed without ever realizing there was any question about the issue.

First I evoked a feeling, which in turn influenced your thinking. But this brainwashing goes much deeper than just product placement. The media does not just want to influence your purchasing decisions, but your moral, social and spiritual beliefs as well. Suppose I wanted you to believe that people with red shoes are evil. I would produce several TV shows in multiple genres portraying red shoe wearing people in the vilest of ways. Cop dramas would have red shoe wearing criminals. Lifetime would show red shoe spousal abusers. BET would portray Klansmen with red shoes sticking out from under their sheets.

Meanwhile, all of my protagonists would be blue shoe people who are loving and smart and funny, and who would really teach those red shoe wearing SOB’s a lesson. 60 Minutes would do a segment on the problem with those red shoe people, during which they would interview a low functioning, unprepared red shoe person, and the video would be edited in such a way that the red shoe person ends up looking like a fool. Leno and Kimmel would joke about it all week and Saturday Night Live would lampoon them mercilessly. Usher and Adam Lambert would sing about the problems they cause. A colored ribbon would be assigned to the cause which NFL teams would promptly stick on all the helmets. No contrary position would ever be presented. Is it true that all red shoe people are mean? Are all blue shoe people smart? Who cares? It doesn't matter what’s true, all that matters is what I can make you believe. Now, in the above example, replace “red shoes” with conservative, or Christian, or father, or businessman, or Israel, or Ted Nugent, or corporations.

Replace “blue shoes” with homosexual couple, or global warming, or illegal alien, or gun control, or abortion, or Palestine, or nationalized health care. Then count how many examples of this brainwashing you can find during your favorite programming in one week. There are several shows like “Will and Grace” or “Glee” that have gay protagonists, but I have yet to see one in which a gay character chooses restorative therapy and successfully comes out of homosexuality. We constantly hear how dependence on oil causes pollution and war, but I have yet to see it effectively explained how petroleum products are vital and necessary to all of our lives, and how without petroleum products most of us would be dead in a mater of days. Business and industry is quite often the greedy villain in dramas and sitcoms, but never is any gratitude shown to those who employ us and produce products on which we all depend.

Recently I watched a cop drama on TV, and an action movie a few days later, in both of which the terrorists were American conservatives who were hostile toward the occupy movement. But conservative philosophy holds the concept of individual rights and limited government to be absolutely paramount. A true conservative believes he has the right to live without having anyone else’s will imposed on him, and finds it morally repugnant to impose his will on an innocent person. A true conservative believes in using violence only in defense of self or others.

If you believe its OK to use violence and terror against innocent people, you’re not really a conservative. Terrorists do not hold individual rights sacred. There’s no such thing as a conservative terrorist. But the movie and TV show worked very hard to force their viewers to believe something that just is not true, that conservatism equals terrorism. Once the entertainment media has created an emotionally based belief system in you, the news media comes along to confirm and reinforce your new beliefs with supposedly factually based news reports. My favorite recent example of the news media creating a false belief occurred several months ago when Michelle Obama was shown in a candid AP photo in Target buying cleaning supplies. Toilet paper and Lysol were two items in her cart. We were being told that the first lady just needed a few things for the White House so she ran down to Target, because she’s such a down to earth person like you and me who does her own shopping and knows what its like to be a mom in America and how hard it is to make ends meet.

But even a small public appearance for the First Lady is an endeavor that involves hundreds of people. Realistically, how long did it take for the Secret Service to plan Michelle O’s quick run down to Target? Thirty hours? A week? Before the secret service would have allowed her to go into a Target store, they would want to vet everyone in the building; they would want background checks on the employees; they would have screened the other customers for threats; there would have been snipers covering the streets from adjacent rooftops and F16s patrolling the airspace; the Secret Service would have planned out and rehearsed in advance multiple routes of egress. At least we hope that they would do these things. And since when does the First Lady do the shopping and the cleaning? Doesn't she have anything more important to do? Doesn't the White House already have hundreds of people making sure the place is clean and the bathrooms are stocked? Don’t supply trucks back up to the White House every week and deliver several thousand dollars worth of toilet paper and Lysol? And then we’re supposed to believe that the AP reporter just happened to be in Target just at the right time, and just happened to have his camera. No, this was a stunt designed to make us believe something that just isn't true; that the First Lady is a regular gal who’s just like you and has your best interest at heart. Realistically, it’s doubtful that she’s been inside a Target in several years. In actuality she and her husband are hostile toward businesses like Target and Walmart, and would shut them all down if they could. Everything on TV is designed to evoke an emotional response; to make you feel the way those in the media tell you to feel. This emotion, in turn, influences your thinking about whatever subject they present. Those in control of the media in America, and most countries, want you to conform to a belief system that is most certainly harmful to your interests. They want a nation of veritable zombies that all think the same way, if at all. They have no right to do this and it disgusts me.

From now on, when you watch your favorite shows, watch them through the lens of this discernment. Sometimes there is truth to be gleaned but only after you sift through the underlying messages and hidden agendas. Understand and decide once and for all that you are an individual with the right to your own belief system, regardless of what any elitist thinks about it. You are an individual. You have a choice. You do not have to live they way they tell you to live.

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