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Who are the Rothschilds?

Featured Politics September 29, 2016

The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are ...

Who are Bilderberg?

Featured Politics September 28, 2016

Well Bilderberg is a yearly meeting of the top 100-150 investment, military, media, education, government and royalty from across the global to discuss the current situations going on around the world. Every four years the meeting takes place in the United States, this coincides with both the US and Mexican Presidential ...

Hungary IMF Debt to be Repaid Early

Featured Finance September 7, 2016

Hungary borrowed 20 billion Euros loan to avoid becoming insolvent during the economic crisis in the last decade. The relationship between the IMF and any country will never be a two sided relationship, as the IMF looks out for itself and not really for the other countries. After all its a ...

Patrick Hickey: European Olympic Committees head arrested in Rio

Featured World News August 17, 2016

BBC.com Police in Brazil have arrested the head of the European Olympic Committees, Patrick Hickey, in Rio over illegal Olympic ticket sales. Mr Hickey, 71, is suspected of illegally passing on tickets for the Games to be sold on at extortionate prices, Brazilian media report. Mr Hickey, said to be unwell after his ...

Mexico gang drops heads in iceboxes near government building

Featured World News August 15, 2016

BBC.com A criminal gang in Mexico has dropped three iceboxes with a severed head in each one near a government building in Chilpancingo, the capital of the western state of Guerrero. Three bodies were found in streets nearby. A threatening message was left next to boxes, warning what were described as "traitors" and ...

Does This Video Of Potty-Mouthed Princesses Dropping F-BOMBS Offend You?

Featured Multimedia October 26, 2014

Opinions being what they are, just an opinion. What is your opinion on this video? Click title to view video and comment to add your view.

McDonald's Testing Out New Automated Cashiers

Featured Technology October 24, 2014

While fast food workers all over the country are fighting to get paid higher hourly wages, McDonald’s is apparently looking for a bigger solution to their problem. Various outlets are reporting that McDonald’s is currently testing automated cashiers in the hopes that they will soon roll out all over the ...

Waste Report: Dept. of Defense to Spend $1 Billion Destroying $16 Billion Worth of Ammo

Featured Politics October 24, 2014

Senator Tom Coburn issues an annual report on wasteful federal spending which he calls the “Wastebook,” and his office released the 2014 edition today. A video trailer for it can be seen in the above-embedded video player. The 2014 Wastebook contains a mind-numbing display of absurdities in government waste, from studies ...

Why The Obama Administration Wants This Journalist In Jail

Featured Politics October 20, 2014

President Barack Obama came into office in 2009 promising a new era of unprecedented transparency in his administration. But when he leaves office, reporters may remember him for an effort that has largely turned out to be the opposite and for being what one affected reporter has called the "greatest enemy ...

Sarah Palin reads Dr. Suess at CPAC 2014

Featured Multimedia March 18, 2014

Sarah Palin reads her version of Dr. Suess's Green Eggs and Ham at CPAC 2014

Insurance Companies Will Receive $5.5 Billion in Bailouts in 2015

Featured Multimedia March 18, 2014

Insurance companies such as WellPoint and Humana will receive $5.5 billion in bailouts in 2015 to help cover the losses they claim they will face because of Obamacare. The reason…Insurance companies claim that government must help to lessen the “risk” they take through Obamacare mandates.

Video: The Fall of Monsanto & GMO MAM Protest Millions March WorldWide

Featured Multimedia March 17, 2014

The Food Revolution has begun and The Demise of Monsanto is near! Victory is in our sights and Monsanto is running scared. Monsanto is so terrified they are running intelligence (via Blackwater) on our leaders.

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